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 Jacques François Aylestock

welcome !

There is no better job in the world for me other than massage. Since I started practicing it, in 1998, it has never stopped to amaze me. The type of massage I offer is more than just a set of different tecniques: it is first and foremost an exploratory journey throughout the magical and infinite world of human body. This journey not only allows detection and removal of tension, but it enhances sensory receptivity, and transforms the whole body into an instrument of well-being and joy. 


It is also a moment of deep meditation, which gives the mind an opportunity to slow down its thought flow and redirect its attention towards the wonderful sensations generated by an attentive and profound touch. 

The golden rule for a successful massage: "trust"

Trust is definitely the first ingredient required for a successful massage. Without it, the benefits of massage can never be optimal.


Four conditions for trust in regard to massage

1. A philanthropic attitude

This is the art of greeting with attention, warmth, empathy and diplomacy all human beings without exceptions nor condition (of age, gender, size, race, culture or personality).


2. Living hands : sense of receptivity, technical competences and good general knowledge of human physiognomy.

The massage therapist must be able to treat a person on the basis of specific physiological and energetic needs. While the touch remains warm, receptive and vibrant, it must be able to adapt to different needs as well as different energy types.


3. Impeccable hygiene

The massage environment - as well as the therapist body and clothes - must be of impeccable cleanliness. It is most important that the massage table, the sheets and towels, as well as the flour, be always clean.


4. A relaxing atmosphere

The massage room must be warmly set, with dim lighting. It must be properly insulated from external noises. The ambient music must be soft, relaxing, and sufficiently diverse from one session to the next.

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