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.......WELCOME                          MY TECHNIQUES                      MY CREDENTIALS                               MY RATES                                     CONTACT         

 Jacques François Aylestock

my techniques

I specialize in 3 types of massage:


1. Swedish massage

2. Swedish détente

3. Swedish Therapeutic


1. Swedish massage

The Swedish technique combines firmness and softness and impacts mainly muscles, joints, skin, breathing and the nervous system. It’s often associated with physical conditioning and has positive effects on one’s global health.


         2. Swedish détente

With years of practicing Swedish, I integrated some techniques of Californian, Esalen and Trager massage, which all emphasize on the relaxing, soothing and therapeutic aspects of the massage. In order to maximize the relaxing benefits to the client, this technique implies a keener attention and intuition. It is a definitely smoother form of massage than conventional Swedish massage.


         3. Swedish-Therapeutic

This technique provides immediate soothing from pain caused by tense muscles, sore joints (arthrithis, tendonitis) or nervous systeme (sciatica). Beside its soothing effects it is also preventive, for it promotes a better muscular tone as well as a better flexibility of the joints. It also helps reducing the period of rehabilitation following a physical injury. It is far though from being a guaranty of total recovery.


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